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Primary School Libray:
   Monday to Thursday
 8:00--12:00 14:00--17:50
 8:00--12:00 14:00--17:00
Junior school library:
 Mon.--Thu.:7:40 -- 21:00
 Friday:    7:40 -- 16:00
 Sunday:    19:00 -- 21:00
Senior School Library:
 Mon.--Thu.:7:30 -- 21:40
  Friday:   7:30 -- 16:00
  Sunday:   19:00 -- 21:40

Statistics method:                

Kindergarten Library:
Internal line:7290
External line:26677290
Primary School Libray:
Internal line:7041
External line:26677041
Junior School Libray:
1st floor internal:7010
1st floor external:26677010
3rd floor internal:7445
3rd floor external:26677445
Senior School Libray:
2nd floor internal:7680
2nd floor external:26677680
3rd floor internal:7894
3rd floor external:26677894

Guangdong Country Garden School Library

Libray's internal line:7445 (External line:26677445)  ICT internal line:7035 (External line:26677035)