The 2015-2016 CGS Teachers of the Year


陈小珏 Xiaojue Chen



As an educator, I am looking forward to having a positive impact on students, making learning enjoyable and helping them become their best self. During the five years, when I took charge of the class, all the local and international teachers worked together, winning it A Good Class every year and I was awarded Excellent Class Adviser three times.

I am devoted to helping students cultivate their own strong points. My students won a good number of awards in the competitions at Beijiao Town, including the first prize to the chess team, the second prizes to the painter and the dancer, etc. The contestant from my class obtained the first prize in the Foshan CCTV Star of Outlook English Talent Competition and the third prize in the national qualifying competition. There has been no complaint or accident in my class for years. In addition, I actively assisted with the activities of the Most Beautiful Volunteer Group and other big events in our kindergarten.

Dearly Gomez

Dearly Gomez

我是Dearly Gomez,我已经当了10年的教师。在十年的教学之旅中,我不断成长为一个具有创新性和能动性的老师,力求为学生带来源源不断的学习动力。同时,我也非常享受团队合作,喜欢跟我的队友们完成共同的目标。


I’m Dearly Gomez. I have been teaching for almost 10 years. I am a creative, motivated person who brings positive energy into the classroom. I focus on the student’s needs accompanied by a desire and willingness to work with others in a close team to achieve a common goal.

My teaching style is to plan at least 3 activities in a period and incorporate as many learning modalities into the lesson as possible to reach the auditory, visual and kinesthetic students. I also like to try to incorporate several learning styles into each lesson, have hands on, visual aids, technology and of course the lessoning aspect. I differentiate my instruction as every child is different. I strive to create a positive active classroom environment which the students can call their home away from home. I use the interests and opinions of my students to create innovative fun learning activities so the children have fun while they learn and begin their journey as lifelong inquirers.


孔德晖 Sam Kong


Sam Kong has been working as an English teacher in CGS since 2010, besides which, he acted as Teaching Affairs Administrator, Digital Coordinator and Director of Teaching Affairs Office successively. When he was the team leader of English Group, students set a new record in Cambridge English: Flyers(YLE Flyers). Under his guidance, Huiyin Chen obtained the first prize in the National English Proficiency Competition for Middle School Students. In the first semester of the 2015/16 academic year, he was awarded Eminent Moral Educator and held in high esteem by colleagues. As a core team member, he was widely acclaimed for his excellent performance in organizing big events such as the Chinese and South Korean Exchange Program, the Year 5 Exhibition and the commencement, in which he helped create slides and videos for publicity as well.

4.Peter Devlin

Peter Devlin

Peter Devlin 大家好,我是Peter Devlin。当我收到邮件,知道自己获得了“2015-2016年度教师奖”,我真的很开心。





I was very pleased this month to receive an email advising me that I had won the “2015 to 2016 PYP Teacher of the Year Award”.

It was a great feeling that people and the school recognized me for the work that I had done over the past school year. However, I know not a day went by where I could have achieved any of this work without the dedication, constant support and collaborative team work from other members in the grade 5 network. Of course none of this would have also been possible without the students keeping me on my toes with no time to scratch myself.

A big thanks also to the various sub teachers who took time out of their own teaching schedules to help us and Mr. Shaun who although joined us during the year fell right into place very quickly making us a great team with vision and purpose.

Last year we pulled out all stops to help the grade 5 students achieve what we had set out for them to accomplish, and in the end it was a win-win for both students and teachers. I know the 2015/2016 school year has made me a better, stronger but more resilient teacher and I look forward to a new chapter in my life as teacher at Guangdong Country Garden School.

Have a great Year.




Zhijing Zhan, a mathematics teacher, graduated in Mathematics from Jiangxi Normal University and is now working as the Year 9 Director of National Junior High Section. She joined CGS in 1994, and since then she has been acting as class adviser or year director. Strict with herself and open-minded in learning, she is deeply involved in curriculum reform so as to improve her own educational ability. She shows great care and concern for every student and endeavours to get things done in better ways. She was once awarded Shunde Eminent Educator, and Beijiao Excellent Class Adviser or Eminent Educator several times. She obtained the first prizes in the CGS Junior High Teaching Competition and Courseware Design Competition. She won a good number of municipal and provincial awards for her papers. She is one of the 100 CGS Excellent Teachers as well as the first group of teachers to be rewarded with an apartment.


刘婷婷 Tinating Liu


Tinating Liu, a mathematics teacher from International Junior High Section, has been acting as class adviser and year mathematics leader since she joined CGS in 2005. With a strong sense of responsibility, she immerses herself in teaching and learning methods. Based on students’ characteristics, she adopts such a wide variety of teaching approaches to make learning enjoyable and efficient that she is popular with her students. Her class is excellent in academic performance, in which a number of students won awards in the Gauss Mathematics Contest. Owing to her patience, communicative skills and creative thinking, her class was awarded Civilized Class and Excellent Class many times. She was conferred CGS Excellent Class Adviser and Eminent Moral Educator consecutively.

Tamara Smith

Tamara Smith


Tamara Smith is an MYP Grade 6 Language Acquisition and Grade 7 Academic Writing teacher at Guangdong Country Garden School. She has been teaching internationally for several years and has called CGS home for the past four. She believes that one of the most powerful skills a person can possess is the ability to communicate in a language other than his or her mother tongue. This is one of the many reasons she gets so much enjoyment from helping CGS students grow and develop in English. With a solid foundation in another language, a world of possibilities opens up for the future. In addition, Tamara not only enjoys teaching language, but enjoys learning them as well. She speaks French, a little bit of Spanish, and is studying Chinese, so she understands the challenges language learners face.


刘兴国 Jeff Liu


Jeff Liu, a mathematics teacher from National Senior High Section, joined CGS in 1998. He was one of the first Model Teachers of CGS Senior High Section as well as the first CGS Eminent Class Advisers. He was awarded Beijiao Eminent Educator for three times. In addition to CGS or Section Eminent Moral Educator and Excellent Class Adviser for many times, he was conferred Excellent Employee when CGS celebrated its 10th and 15th anniversaries. His class met with success in the national college entrance examinations. The 2016 graduates, under the guidance of his team, had the highest rate of obtaining key university entry scores during the ten years. In the 2nd National Teacher’s Ethics Essay Competition, he won the first prize for his Primary Study on the Anxiety of Senior High Girls.


贺光 Carey He


Carey He, rated as Grade I Teacher for Secondary School, holds a Master’s Degree in Computational Mathematics from Hunan Normal University. She joined CGS in 2007, and since then she has had 9 years of international education experience in teaching Mathematics and Additional Mathematics for the IGCSE, and Mathematics and Further Mathematics for the A-Level. She is now working as IGCSE Coordinator as well as a mathematics teacher of the A-Level. With emphasis placed on the cultivation of students’ individual thinking, she endeavours to develop independent students who demonstrate all-round skills. Her students scored far above the world average in every exam, one of whom scored the highest among all the international examinees. Her students are now found in the universities all over the world, including University of Oxford, The London School of Economics and Political Science and Imperial College London. All of her 2016 graduates achieved grade A and her class was awarded Excellent Class. She won the first prize in the Young Teacher Teaching Competition, besides which, she was conferred A-Level Excellent Teacher and CGS Outstanding Teacher Second Prize.



Emma 大家好!我是广东碧桂园学校的地理教师Emma。我已经当了6年的老师,今年是我在碧桂园学校的第2年。我非常荣幸能获得优秀教师这个荣誉。我非常享受我每天的教学,享受与学生在一起的时间。教学路上,我曾遇到过许多艰难的时刻,但是学生们总能给我鼓励支持我前行,让我重新振作,继续开心地走下去。作为一个老师,我认为自身的发展也是很重要的。老师这个职业让我有充裕的时间和假期去认识这个世界,并将这些见识分享给我的学生们。我鼓励他们要走得更远,要看到更大的世界。

Hi, my name is Emma and I am one of the International Geography teachers here at CGS. I have been teacher for 6 years and this is my second year at CGS. I am so grateful to have been given the ‘Excellent teacher award’ and will treasure it. I love my job every day and even on the hardest of days when nothing seems to go right, I know there will always be one student who can turn it all around and make it a happy day again. I have fun in my lessons and work hard to make sure my students are happy. As part of my job I think it’s so important to be able to share personal experiences about as many of the places in the curriculum as is possible so in free time I try my best to travel around and see as much of the world as is possible, to help inspire my students to one day do the same.


谢建文 Jianwen Xie


Jianwen Xie, a member of Communist Party of China, joined CGS in 2004 and is now working as the Director of School Affairs Office. He was honored with the first prize in the Shunde Young Teacher Reading Teaching Competition as well as Shunde Excellent Class Adviser. With his pragmatic and efficient style of work, he dedicates himself to the work, including information transmission, instruction request, work report, task coordination, service request, information release, reception arrangement, etc. He plays an active role in CGS publicity campaigns and strives hard to defend CGS reputation. In addition, he is a principled, genuine and courteous man who demonstrates respect for leaders and colleagues and gets along well with them.